Knife Defense & Kerambit Concepts

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Grandmaster Bill McCloud Presents:

CMA Workshop:

Knife Defense & Kerambit Concepts

By Guru Marrese Crump

ALL Levels Welcome!

Sunday, June 7 1:00PM – 4:00PM
12:30pm: Registration starts
1:00-3:00 Training
3:00-4:00 Social with Guru & Mrs. Crump, tea, photos, autographs

$65 Pre-Registration from April 25 – May 21
$65+$10 Late Registration from May 22 – June 5
No Walk-ins accepted
Register NOW

The CMA Seminar Experience:

Come join Guru Marrese Crump as he unlocks and decodes the principles of knife defense and kerambit.
Kerambit is a small Southeast Asian hand-held, curved knife resembling a claw, as seen in the movie Merantau and The Raid2.
**There will be limited number of kerambit trainers made by Guru Crump’s Kali teacher, Tuhon Ray Dionaldo, for sale at the event.
CMA explores the science of mindset and movements to help you train intelligently based on the techniques from the CMA empty hand and weapons curriculum. You will feel empowered as Guru Crump guides you
to customize the art to fit you. Every CMA seminar
is designed for powerful learning experience, fun training, and effectively retaining the knowledge presented, so you can evolve into a better you!

*There will be a one hour social after training with tea and snack

What to bring:
-Water bottle*
-Your awesome thermal or mug for social tea time*
-Note book or journal & something to write with*
-Training knife, **kerambit
(There will be kerambit trainers for sale at the event if you don’t already have one)
​-Wear comfortable clothing, towel
-Positive Energy!



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